A Case Study - Patanjali - Baba Ramdev a Multi Billion Dollar Brand

All the success, the popularity, and the goodwill can be credited to something we refer to as the “Incidental Branding”. The branding wasn’t accidental. It was well planned. But there were a lot of incidents that shaped the brand personality and that too happened before its formation. The brand ambassador (who surprisingly has no equity in the business) is the reason the ‘brand’ happened. Mind it that I’m referring to the brand and not the business. Hence Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali. It all started in 2002 when Baba Ramdev’s mass yoga camps telecasted through the leading spiritual channels (which were the new trend then) across the country. These camps, besides being a free yoga classes for the

Keep your employees happy, a key to success

With the influx of more MNCs in India, the workplace culture is drastically changing. Thanks to competition, Indian employers and MNCs offer equally challenging and competitive work environment. Ominous in such workplace is multi-tasking and high-rise performance expectations. In such situation, negative health implications are an obvious outcome. Typically, at a young age, employees are able to manage the pressure of being 'always on call,' but in the long term, it is not healthy either for employees or for the company. Eventually, productivity takes a deep dive and it has long term health impact on the employees -- low employee morale leading to lack of productivity and performance. So, th

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