Change Management

organizational and personal change management, process, plans, change management and business development tips. Here are some rules for effective management of change. Managing organizational change will be more successful if you apply these simple principles. Achieving personal change will be more successful too if you use the same approach where relevant. Change management entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation, and above all, consultation with, and involvement of, the people affected by the changes. If you force change on people normally problems arise. Change must be realistic, achievable and measurable. These aspects are especially relevant to managing personal change.

Critical thinking skills for successful manager

Critical thinking skills are extremely important in developing a successful career. Have you heard that before? Chances are you’ve heard it many times, such as when you began applying for your first job or maybe when you were passed over for a promotion. Whenever it was, there is usually one problem. They never tell you what critical skills are, why you need them or how to get them! College students and young professionals alike are flooded with advice on why they need to develop these skills. And yet, when you ask them to explain exactly what these critical thinking skills are and how you can develop them, it’s like watching the movie Inception – it doesn’t make sense! In an effort to h

Tips for Hospital Planning

Following certain tips mentioned below can result in a better hospital planning: The emergency service shall be located on the ground floor to ensure immediate access. A separate entrance to the emergency room shall be provided. The surgical service shall be located and arranged so as to prevent non-related traffic. Critical care areas and CSSD will be near the operating rooms for easy and immediate access. Critical areas with walls/partitions could result in better infection control as compared to the critical areas with curtains (minimum 120 sq. ft per bed shall be provided in critical care areas). The obstetrics (delivery rooms) department shall be located in close proximity to the nurse

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