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Keep your employees happy, a key to success

With the influx of more MNCs in India, the workplace culture is drastically changing. Thanks to competition, Indian employers and MNCs offer equally challenging and competitive work environment.

Ominous in such workplace is multi-tasking and high-rise performance expectations. In such situation, negative health implications are an obvious outcome.

Typically, at a young age, employees are able to manage the pressure of being 'always on call,' but in the long term, it is not healthy either for employees or for the company. Eventually, productivity takes a deep dive and it has long term health impact on the employees -- low employee morale leading to lack of productivity and performance.

So, then, what's the secret to having happy employees at work?

Some of the pointers below may go a long way in employee retention and boosting employee confidence and morale:

1. Identification of pain points

Nip the problem in its bud.

If the initial signs of trouble are identified early, it helps in taking timely corrective measures and resolving any potential employee concerns.

2. Attitude of the managers/employers

If the managers can maintain their calm in an intense situation, it can make the environment comfortable for the employees and also help in resolving the situation more comfortably.

3. Result based incentives

Introducing result-based incentives has been proven to bring in more efficiency and productivity in employees.

Managers should question overtime being done by their subordinates and ensure that it is not becoming a norm for the employees.

4. Promote Yin Yang theory

Managers/employers should promote a 'work-life balance' in all employees.

It is an age-old fact that a rested mind works better than a tired mind.

To obtain maximum contribution from the employees, an employer must promote the employees to have a healthy work-life balance so they are focussed and motivated towards their jobs.

5. Recognition

Great work needs to be recognised and rewarded.

When ignored, it often leads to dissatisfaction and potentially employee separation.

While the above steps from employers can help reduce stress in a workplace, there are some things employees can do to help themselves work better:

1. Stress management

There will always be some situations of stress in every workplace.

All employees must learn how to manage stress without having affecting productivity or personal life.

2. Prioritise

Prioritising your work is the key to achieving bigger goals in life.

Make a list of tasks to do and prioritise the important ones.

Focus on more critical things first and not lose focus when there are multiple things to be done.

A simple trick is to start with the most difficult and important tasks in the earlier parts of the day when you have more focus.

The more redundant and easier tasks can be saved for the later part of the day when the mind begins to tire out.

3. Have humane expectations

It is important to have realistic expectations from yourself and from those who work for you.

Neither seek to be a perfectionist yourself nor expect others to be.

There is always scope for improvement in everything, so be more practical and realistic in your approach.

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