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Tips for Hospital Planning

Following certain tips mentioned below can result in a better hospital planning: The emergency service shall be located on the ground floor to ensure immediate access.

A separate entrance to the emergency room shall be provided.

The surgical service shall be located and arranged so as to prevent non-related traffic.

Critical care areas and CSSD will be near the operating rooms for easy and immediate access.

Critical areas with walls/partitions could result in better infection control as compared to the critical areas with curtains (minimum 120 sq. ft per bed shall be provided in critical care areas).

The obstetrics (delivery rooms) department shall be located in close proximity to the nursery such that it is easily accessible from the post delivery rooms.

The nurse stations of the in-patient areas shall be located so as to permit visual observation of patients.

All in-patient rooms and wards shall be of sufficient size allowing efficient work flow and patient movement.

The dietary prep area shall be in a segregated area away from patient care areas.

Radioactive departments shall be in the basement as it will save the cost of shielding (only five sides need shielding).

Adequate area shall be provided for the furniture and equipment storage. Adequate space for patient and attendant waiting areas in different departments shall be provided. Essential services like housekeeping shall be provided for each department. Service floor shall be placed as per the provisions of the National Building Code and convenience of the hospital (viz. above the OT floors)

Handicapped toilets shall be provided on each floor.

All the toilet door shall be opened outside.

Staircases and elevators shall be placed at a distance of 22.2 m of each other, on each floor.

Planning for a pneumatic tube system for sending/receiving drugs, blood samples, reports, etc. could be time saving and result in better operations. Corridors shall be wide enough for easy movement of the patients with stretchers/wheelchairs (approx. 2.5 mts. wide)

Maintenance department, Main panel room, manifold room , Vehicular movement and other areas using motors and heavy metals shall be located outside the MRI exclusion zone. Proper signage on each floor, each department shall be provided for easy patient and visitor circulation. 

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