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IMSR Institute offeres free industrial visit for MBA and EMBA distance courses. Its very rare in India that distance learning students gets opportunity to visit India's leading Industries and having exposure to their work and management system. We cover industries like Bratannia, Dabur, Bajaj, Tata, HCL, Mahindra, Voltas, Kingfisher, Exide and many more.

Benefits : 
1. It helps students to get first hand information regarding functioning of industry
2. Help student to see their future place in Industry
3. Would be an added advantage in CV for job prospects
4. Help to build relationship with that industry

Industrial Visit T&C :

1. Industrial visit has been arranged free for MBA and EMBA students only.
2. Student will get one industrial visit opportunity only during course duration. 
3. One day industrial visit will be arranged by us at any part of India. 
4. IMSR Institute will intimate students well in advance so that they can plan accordingly. 
5. IMSR institute covers expenses only for Pick up, industry visit and drop. For example Pickup from Banglore Railway station, industry visit and drop at same spot will be arranged. 
6. Travelling, boarding, insurance, food or any other expenses from your place to pickup point and return will be born by student.  
7. Industrial visit is a free arrangement for IMSR MBA and EMBA students hence no refund or adjustment if student fail to attend or refuse to do the visit for whatever may be the reason.
8. Once course duration over student can not participate in any future industrial visits. 
9. We are covering students all across India and we plan industrial visit all over India hence we can not plan industrial visit only near to any specific student place. 
10. We cover more than 50 specializations hence not possible to arrange each student interest specific industry tours. 
11. Industrial visit will be planned for only students enrolled after 1st July 2015.
12. Old IMSR students can have paid industrial visit.
13. If any student wish to attend one more visit then will have to pay additional fees to IMSR.
14. Overseas students need to visit India for industrial visit.

Please Note : Industrial visit is free and and not part of our any course curriculum hence it is not mandatory from our end to arrange the visit. We need minimum 15 confirm applications from IMSR students to arrange any industrial visit. If less than 15 applications received then that visit will be cancelled.  In a year only one attempt will be made to organise a visit. 

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