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REGISTER and get an online Certificate

1. Registration Process: CLICK on

IBM 1.jpg

2. Click on Course catalog - Right side of webpage

IBM 2.jpg

3. Select any technical skill course you wish to complete. 

IBM 3.jpg

4. Select first section below Recommended Learning

IBM 4.jpg

5. Click on Go to this activity - right side of the page

IBM 5.jpg

6. Complete all modules one by one with objective examinations.

IBM 6.jpg

6. After completing each module click  - I have checked it out and Lets keep going (at bottom of page)

IBM 7.jpg

6. On completion of each module you will see a tick mark at the right corner of module box area.

IBM 8.jpg

7. After successfully completing all modules and examinations contact us for IBM certified online Certificate.

Cyber Security Certificate IBM.jpg
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