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A PhD by Research via Distance Learning is ideal for people engaged in the world of work  who cannot attend a traditional university. Indian School of Management and Research Centre (IMSR) is a private and accredited Indian global institution: an alternative that helps adult students around the world achieve their academic goals. Surveys conducted over the years have shown that a PhD by research achieved via Distance Learning, in a reputable institution such as IMSR, can be as useful as a traditional school. In fact, what is important is the skills and professionalism.

In the age of digitized information, and in the global village we live in, IMSR is an important alternative to traditional studies. Our study system is efficient, geared to the needs of busy people, and can be transmitted from any computer terminal anywhere in the world. The online PhD via Distance Learning, consists of an original academic research carried out autonomously by the candidate, in a specific branch of human knowledge culminating in a final PhD thesis.

Unlike other traditional Campus Based doctorates, PhD by Research is not divided into  semesters, but consists in the development, autonomous and independent, of a theoretical research on a specific academic discipline for the evaluation of IMSR. This research is implemented in a final thesis, for which the student max. has up to 24 months to complete it.

IMSR offer three languages, in which thesis can be written: English, German and Polish. It means, you can write your thesis in one of these 3 languages. Our supervisors accompany you in the respective language. The study and research program must be carried out by the student independently. His supervisor will not be a real tutor, but rather a specialized consultant, to whom the student can  turn for any assistance. The student can use textbooks and the Internet for his research, as well as having access to the online library. Through free and independent research, students acquire a highly specialized knowledge and a full mastery of the specific skills that they will develop, argue and defend in their culminating work: the doctoral thesis.

The main requirement of the online PhD via Distance Learning by Research is to submit the final thesis, consisting of at least 120-150 pages for review and evaluation by an academic committee of the IMSR. In some cases, material previously published by candidates may be counted for PhD purposes.

Course fees:  USD 2500.

The cost of a Ph.D by research via Distance Learning is obviously much lower than a campus based doctorate. Transferred credit from previous education and/or professional experience not allowed.

Payment plans are available upon request up to:
1) Single payment at enrollment :10% of discount. Total payable fees only USD 2250
2) 6 monthly installments : A) USD 1500 at the time of admission B) USD 500 after six months from the date of admission. C) Balance USD 500 after a year from the date of admission.

Last date of admission: Please contact us to know last date of admission. Our email id is

For more detail please visit FAQ section or call us

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