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1. How old your institute?

IMSR was established in year 2001 by eminent educationalists to provide affordable quality distance learning platform for busy executives.

2. I am keen for only UGC, DEC and Govt. of India approved courses, do you have that?

Yes. We are associate of UGC, DEC; NAAC accredited state government university – M S University to conduct their online/distance courses in Mumbai. These degree courses are very well accepted for private/Government and India/Abroad jobs.

3. I am looking for a promotion in near future hence I wants to have a degree. But the problem is I am very busy and have left study long back, how come I pass?

Our courses have been designed specifically for you, with flexibility like once a year exam, easy to understand study material, online learning platform, contact program facilities for only needy students.

4. I may apply for Government job in future, does this degree will be valid for that?

Yes. Since the degree awarded by state government university which is UGC and DEC approved, would be very much valid for any government jobs in India

5. In future I wish to settle abroad, does this degree valid to get visa and settle abroad?

Yes. Since the degree awarded by State Government University the degree will be valid abroad also. The degree certificate is well attestable by Education Dept., Ministry of external affairs and any embassy.

6. How many specializations do you offer in UGC approved MBA?

IMSR offers MBA in Marketing, Human Recourses, Systems, Finance and Production management. Total duration is two years.

7. I have good amount of work experience and hence I want to do only one year MBA, do you have any such option?

IMSR has one year MBA i.e. Professional MBA, which has been designed for experienced individuals. Please contact IMSR helpline to know more about this course.

8. I already have a degree and I would like to have one more degree within a year, is it possible?

Yes. Being degree holder you can apply for one year BBA degree from us. This one year BBA course has been designed by the University.

9. For this UGC approved courses where we have to visit for exam? Do I need to appear CAT exam?

Exams will be conducted in Mumbai/Navi Mumbai area. Student will get information and update about the exam place well in advance. Being distance mode education there is no CAT or any other entrance exam need to be appeared.

F.A.Q. for IMSR autonomous courses

10. I work for private firm and cannot visit exam centre. Do you have home exam facility?

Yes, IMSR also offer autonomous distance learning management courses under collaboration with the University of Northeast Virginia. These courses are extremely flexible and can be completed by an individual seating at his place. We have online/home exam option with five years validity to complete the course.

11. Such autonomous courses are recognized?

Yes. IMSR autonomous courses certificate well accepted across corporate firms and private companies. Even Ministry of external affairs, education dept., and leading embassies does attestation of our certificates. We provide this attestation service at nominal additional cost.

12. I am based at UAE and I would like to do MBA by distance mode. Is it possible?

Yes. We have students from Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe and USA. Our own autonomous courses can be done from any part of the world.

13. I had one bad experience with one management institute. I had paid full fees but they did not supply study material and later they disappeared. I am worried on such experience from IMSR also?

We do agree that there are many such institutes, who are taking advantage of students. IMSR is in this field since 2001 and continuously growing because of its credibility, post admission services and acceptance across industry. We are well connected to general people though social Medias like face book where in you double checks about IMSR can by joining IMSR student group.

14. I would like to do MBA in Energy Management, do you have this specialization?

Yes. IMSR autonomous MBA offers MBA in more than 60 specializations, which covers almost all major industries. Please check the list of specialization in IMSR courses link.

15. If I pay full fees at the time of admission, is there any discount to offer?

Yes. We provide Rs. 3000 discount for MBA and Rs. 2000 for EMBA courses provided student pay total fees at the time of admission.

16. Where can I get the Prospectus?

Download from our website or visit the IMSR office to collect by paying Rs. 500 only.

17. I am based at France, how do you I transfer the fees?

You have an option to transfer the money by many options like, online Banking, Western Union, Money Gram, TT remittance. Please contact IMSR for more detail.

18. Do you offer dual specialization MBA?

Yes. IMSR offers dual specializations in both MBA and EMBA by paying only Rs. 10,000 extra.

19. What is your course validity? Can I take a break?

IMSR MBA course is valid for 5 years and EMBA for 3 years. Student takes break and restart from where s/he left at no extra cost and complete the rest of the course within valid period.

20. 1.IMSR also offer Ph.D. course. Is this a valid Ph.D.?

Indian Govt. does not validate Ph.D. being by distance mode and hence student looking for government jobs, serious research projects should avoid distance mode Ph.D. IMSR distance Ph.D. would be a best choice for students who wish to achieve higher self esteem and academic status. For serious student we recommend MS University would be a best choice which is govt. recognized and part time in nature.

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