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About Us

Indian Management School & Research Centre (IMSR) is helping deserving and interested students since last 12 years by offering student friendly and easy to complete distance learning management programs like MBA, EMBA, PG Diploma and Diploma program certificate courses.

We have observed that once an individual complete studies and join job, later most of us realize that industry and employer requires more educational background for promotion, better responsibility and career growth. In fact it has been seen that less experienced person heading us just because of higher education in resume. Above all we also have loan liabilities, where in its impossible to take a brake in job and do further studies.

Considering above scenario the only better choice left for us is to do distance learning courses through reputed and accredited institute. IMSR Institute offers autonomous distance learning management program certificate courses for those individuals, who are looking for higher education without leaving current job. Our courses are even useful for individual seeking new job using enhanced resume.

Why Choose Us?

IMSR is 12 year old institute globally accredited by USA based IAO - International Accreditation Organization helping needy students to achieve their goals by providing distance education in their interested area of management.

We suggest all students to not to wait any further and enroll with us for better career and job opportunity.